Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey

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Unique original hand-painted in heavy gouache. Raised band border. Lays on art board that is glued to a back board. Produced by the E. E. Sutherland Medicine Company of Paducah, "Dr. Bell's" advertised itself as a safe, non-habit forming combination of pine tar, honey, glycerin, and various vegetable extracts which promised (quite inaccurately) to cure everything from the croup to the flu to bronchitis. Analysis showed it to be an alcohol-water solution, containing ammonia, glycerin, pine tar, sassafras, red pepper, and reducing sugars. The nonfictional old woman in the ad was named "Granny Metcalfe" and was used throughout the years as the face of the product, despite dying in 1898. Gouache itself: 5 x 7 in With backboard: 9.75 x 12 in

Title: Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey

Location Published: Paducah, E.E. Sutherland Medicine Co.: Circa 1890

Book Condition: Very Good

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